Valentine's or Galentine's Day, it doesn't matter...

To us, Valentine's day is a universal day of love. It shouldn't matter whether you have a valentine or if you're celebrating with your close knit of girlfriends. Let's just celebrate the most wonderful thing - being loved and to love. 

We browsed through the internet and found so many inspiring decor ideas and our favourite came from 100 Layer Cake

We went ohh and ahh when we first saw this picture. How perfect were those overhead installation and the table scape design! If only every valentine's day was like that! 

Gorgeous blooms make it work like magic. Flowers were from Stella Bloom Designs

We cannot reiterate how perfect this set up was for Valentine's Day. If you're planning for a home dinner date/ gathering, we hope this inspires you. Read more about it on 100 Layer Cake

Sharene Chen