Thank you for another marvelous month!

Fabulous Friends!
We’ve had a very exciting March. How about you, lovelies?


We are so grateful for all the wonderful people we met at Boutiques Fair. Many exciting collaborations are in the pipeline now but more on that later.

And fret not: if you were unable to pick up our limited-edition Designer T-shirts, you can now buy them online! Inspired by flowers and the joy they bring, the t-shirts come in two styles and have been designed, illustrated and printed in Singapore!

It was also our great privilege to style the launch of the sweet Ferragamo Signorina perfume at the beautiful Aura restaurant in the historic National Gallery complex. We were very pleased at how it turned out. The hard work has paid off looking at how pretty the set up was.

We specialise in floral design of weddings and special events so drop us a line at to find out more.

We believe one doesn’t really need an occasion to celebrate. Our Everyday Bouquets are simple and chic. Take your pick from 3 gorgeous styles and add a hue of floral magic to your life. 

Till we chat again, keep blooming!







Sharene Chen