In the Midst of Wedding Fever - Part 1

We have to confess: we just love weddings! As a floral designer, they mean a LOT of work but they also give us the most satisfaction. That we get to make new friends is a huge bonus. Here are some snapshots from an intimate ceremony at the gorgeous Open Farm Community where Beautiful Ginny tied an eternal knot with the Handsome Louis. And before you ask us, her stunning gown is from Needle and Thread :-)

Ginny loves bold colours and she created a Pinterest board (link) for us to take inspiration.

Our favourite part was creating the flower curtain with eustomas, carnations, roses, alstromerias and lots of foilage  that enhanced and assimilated with the rustic surrounding. We really appreciate how eco-conscious the couple is. They wanted us to take a sustainable approach to the wedding and minimise wastage as much as possible.

Among other measures, we also prolonged the life of our floral arrangements by providing vases that the couple and their guests could take home.

The joy on Ginny and Louis’s faces upon seeing our work made all our effort worthwhile and motivated us to do more.

So if you or your loved ones want to add a hue of floral joy to a wedding, please drop us a note at We’d love to hear from you.

Have a blessed week ahead!



Sharene Chen