May is for Moms!

I am a working professional, a budding entrepreneur, a wonderful wife but I can say with all honesty, the greatest joy in my life is my beautiful Claire!

I will not sugar coat it: to be a good Mother is HARD work! But she is so worth it. And on this Mother’s Day, as she celebrates me, I celebrate her. All our Mother’s Day offerings are inspired by my daughter.

Mommylicious gift set - Order Now  (Link to the product)

Mommylicious gift set - Order Now (Link to the product)

There is nothing better than sitting with Claire, just the two of us, gorging on a plate of cake. That is why we came up with the Mommylicious Flower + Cake set. For the cakes, we have partnered with Azizah from Zizou Cake Boutique whose confections look as great as they taste. We promise your Mom will love this.  

Mommy Dearest Bloom Box - Order Now  (Link to the product)

Mommy Dearest Bloom Box - Order Now (Link to the product)

Peonies are known as the King of Flowers and are my personal favourite. You will find them big and lush at this time of the year. They symbolise romance, abundance and luck and make the perfect gifts, especially for Moms. That is why they are the stars in our Mommy Dearest Bloom Box.

You're my superwoman bouquet -  Order Now (Link to the product)

You're my superwoman bouquet - Order Now (Link to the product)

There is no doubt that with everything they do, mothers are the real super heroes. You’re My Superwoman Bouquet is our way of saying just that. Flush with seasonal flowers, it comes with a specially designed Mother’s Day card so that you can tell your Mom how much you really love her! And that’s not all! If you want to make something special and really unique, just drop us a note at and we’ll sort you out.

Here’s wishing you all a magical Mother’s Day celebration!


Sharene Chen