I am a Mompreneur and proud of it!

Hi Beautiful! 

Over the last few months, many of you have asked me to share my journey as an entrepreneur with you. How I do it all. I work full-time at an MNC. I am married and have the sweetest daughter Claire who is now 2. And I have been running Pastel Hues Florals (PHF) as a passion project for the past 3 years. So here’s my daily routine:

I get up in the morning at 7am. Get ready, drop Claire to school and then I am off to Raffles Place for work. In the evening, I pick up Claire from daycare and head home. Then it’s exclusive Claire-only time.

 It’s a promise I made to myself - she will always come first. Once she goes to bed at 9:30pm, I begin work on PHF. So what it takes is precise planning, efficient time management and giving up on a few hours of beauty sleep.

While that was the How, I think it’s more important to figure out the Why for what one does. Flowers fill my soul with delight. Playing with blooms is my therapy, my creative outlet. Currently, I do flower arrangements, gift boxes and small weddings. But I have big plans. I want to grow PHF into an international lifestyle brand - a business that is fulfilling, profitable and works well with my family obligations.

 At this stage, holding onto a full time job is a pragmatic, financially-prudent decision. Even though life involves juggling many balls in the air and running around frantically to stop them from hitting the ground, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must dig in for the long haul. You must have the tenacity to persevere through the inevitable lows and the stamina to push harder during the exciting highs. What I can say for sure is that your dream is worth it. Take one step at a time and your vision will slowly begin to realise. Just like mine is.

Whatever your dream, I wish that you achieve it with elan!


Sharene Chen